Thiago Mondini Designer Profile
Thiago Mondini is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Thiago Mondini

Thiago Mondini is a young brazilian architect who works mainly with highly personalized interior design projects. Other branches of activity are architectural projects - specially residences - and corporate interiors. When creating unique interior design projects, Thiago tries to capture the personality of the clients in order to project this essence on the spaces. Thanks to this approach, there are no two projects that might look alike, even though there's always an underlying line of work that connects all of his creations. The symbolic function of architecture and the way it gives meaning to every aspect of the daily life is, in Thiago┬┤s opinion, as important as the utilitarian functions of a design.

Thiago Mondini
Equilibrio Sculptural Sink
Contemporary Mix Residential Apartment
Hidden Residential Interior