Gloguu Ltd Designer Profile
Gloguu Ltd is the award-winning designer of the Scratch Cave Cat Scratcher.
Gloguu Ltd

Gloguu persist in carefully considering pet daily necessities like designing furniture. They take the unity of function and art as their design motivation. They return to using materials that evoke the physical feelings of animals, , turn complexity into simplicity, and use art to wave out the beauty of the materials themselves, and integrate the poetic light into the rational structure. They believe that pet products are not only selected by pets according to their feelings, but also daily necessities serving people in the home environment. They should serve real life for a long time like furniture. Therefore, they insist on considering pet daily necessities as rigorously as designing furniture, and set up such aesthetic principles, materials are loyal to the feeling of the body, adhering to the cooperation of form and function, and designing natural and pure product modeling. Furthermore, Gloguu insists on using environmentally friendly materials. Team members have won various awards in China and the world, such as iF, Golden Pin and Contemporary Good Design Award.

Gloguu Ltd
Scratch Cave Cat Scratcher