Boryana Petrova & Vassil Jivkov Designer Profile
Boryana Petrova & Vassil Jivkov is the award-winning designer of the BoBoX Modular Storage System.
Boryana Petrova & Vassil Jivkov

Vassil Jivkov is a university professor and Head of the Interior and Furniture Design Department at the University of Forestry in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is focused on combining furniture design with engineering. Recently he has been inspired by furniture design from thin structural elements and the possibility of sustainable design. He is a jury member of various design competitions. He has won various design awards, including a platinum winner from the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards, the winner of BULGARIAN FURNITURE OF THE YEAR, etc. Prof. Jivkov has published several books related to furniture design and construction, over 150 scientific articles, registered patents, etc. He is an expert in material science and furniture design and construction. Prof. Jivkov is a member of a scientific committee of many international scientific conferences.

Boryana Petrova & Vassil Jivkov
BoBoX Modular Storage System