Frans Schrofer Designer Profile
Frans Schrofer is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Frans Schrofer

Frans has an insatiable passion for tools. He completed several mechanical educations and holds a degree from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. In 1984, Frans Schrofer founded Studio Schrofer. He had the vision to create furniture designs that balanced sculptural beauty with ergonomic excellence. Nearly forty years on, Studio Schrofer has grown from a passion into an international business with a multi-disciplinary team. Today, his innovative outlook, technical prowess and appreciation for organic and feminine forms dictate that comfort and multi-functionality be central to his designs. Studio Schrofer stands apart from other designers in its attention to detail and understanding of diverse lifestyles that express user individuality . This allows the studio to excel at tailoring designs to client needs, creating unique lexicon of form that speaks to the hearts of people from The Netherlands to all corners of the globe. Schrofer’s designs continue to intrigue artists, engineers, and above all those who value comfort and aesthetics. Their designs achievements have been recognized by the Dutch government and the international design industry, resulting in numerous design awards and appointment of the studio as Creative Ambassador for The Hague.

Frans Schrofer
Porto Relax Chair
Wink Chair