Tsung Wei Yang Designer Profile
Tsung Wei Yang is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Tsung Wei Yang

Originated from several different professional backgrounds, and with wide range of experiences, Willy Yang Architects & Planners specializes not only in architecture and interior planning but also in design, execution, and supervision of the construction process. The firm is committed to study and explore the correlation between local and modern architecture and how it affects the environment both directly and indirectly. They believe that architecture is not limited by the visual aspect of the design, instead, the cultural elements of the region plays a major role in the design process. As designers, in order to respond to the modern society that is rapidly changing they emphasize the importance of traditional culture and characteristics of the region to avoid monotonous repetition of modern design, by utilizing the cultural elements on every aspect of the design such as; materials, structures, forms, spaces, combined with years of professional experience on the design execution; this is the definition of an ideal architecture design.

Warehouse 20 21 22 23 Historical Workshop Renewal
Flowing Paperscapes Memorial Landscape