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10 Degrees Design is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
10 Degrees Design

10 degrees design, founded in Guangzhou in 2009, has a team of 60 people and 30 designers. As a creative design company with space as the carrier, it has accumulated more than ten years of professional experience and cooperates with real estate and private customers. To face life and explore from the perspective of "I": provide customers with diversified and forward-looking design comprehensive services such as planning / design / furnishings of residential, commercial and office space, as well as mature domestic and foreign home product development / customization / procurement systems, as well as art consulting / collection and other service systems.

Poly Conghua Sales Center
Poly Huadu T4 Office Space
 Poly Guangzhou Home Space
Cifi Suzhou Explore Home Space
CIFI Shanghai H Home Space