Daragh Enright Designer Profile
Daragh Enright is the award-winning designer of the Magic Lamp.
Daragh Enright

Daragh has had a life long passion for design, craft, and wood. He holds a degree in 3D design and has worked for over 20 years designing and making bespoke furniture in residential and commercial settings for his clients in the UK, USA, and Europe. There can be no better master than nature Daragh believes, and it is his intention to faithfully capture the beauty of both well-known and overlooked natural phenomena and to do this in materials that bring their integrity and abiding beauty into interior spaces. Through care and attention to detail in creating his pieces, Daragh aims for them to outlast his customers and be handed down for generations to come and to continue giving value to those who own them. He tells us that coincidentally the name Daragh means Oak tree in the Irish language. Daragh by name and Daragh by nature!

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