Paolo D'Arrigo Designer Profile
Paolo D'Arrigo is the award-winning designer of the Coral Electric Radiator.
Paolo D'Arrigo

I am a designer who explores the matter, appropriates it and gives it back to the world in the form of objects and furnishings. I was born in Rome in 1967. Design soon came into my life as an instinct and turned out in the most direct way, making me want to shape beloved and accurate objects. The practice of restoration and studies in sociology led me, later, to see in the profession of designer a faber of the relations between man, things and the world. I live design as an alchemy of nature and hi-tech. I practice form not as an aesthetic invention, but as the result of a process that is measured with the constraints of the material and pushes them further. I design with any material, wood and glass, metal and ceramic, contaminating them with technology. Each material is a map to follow, letting oneself be guided by its signs, following its implicit directions and revealing those that are possible and yet to be written. In this path, the know-how of the companies with which I work become a means and a boundary to explore and expand as much as possible. I pursue a beauty that communicates the unexpected. I do not plan to respond to a coded need. I start from common elements to reinvent gestures. Of every object I take care of the whole design, including communication.

Paolo D'Arrigo
Coral Electric Radiator