Khajornsak Nakpan Designer Profile
Khajornsak Nakpan is the award-winning designer of the Bio Melanin Fibre Fashion.
Khajornsak Nakpan

An “Innovative fashion designer” who specialises in generating knowledge of creative design, theory of colours, and computer graphics. Combining his diverse abilities and skills renders uniqueness to Khajornsak’s work. He focuses on the aesthetics of modern art, especially conceptual art. He also pays attention to research methodology and process. His work, therefore, demonstrates different aesthetic dimensions through the lens of adaptive science. One of Khajornsak’s widely known works is “Innovative Synthesized Melanin from Soil as Textile Substitute to Create Garment for the Future”. The research builds upon a study on the abundance and changing qualities of soil. It is part of an experiment to create a textile substitute material by synthesizing natural fibre and melanin from good bacteria into cellulose sheets. The process is a clean technology and produces zero waste. Result is a textile substitute material, which is human, and nature friendly. The material is an innovation which can drive an investment on environmental friendly fashion business. The entire process from designing to production focuses on using clean technology to reduce pollution, maximising nature resources, and decreasing dependency on imported materials. Following his success in the innovative material, Khajornsak applies the result to other products to demonstrate the effectiveness and potential of the material. The products include accessories, sleeping wear, lingerie, and mixed materials paintings. Apart from creating aesthetic experiences, he also tries to disseminate the knowledge through presenting the research in different international academic forums. In the near future, Khajornsak aims to continue to drive the creation of new materials to improve innovative design and harmonious living. The relationship between humans, the textile substitute material, and nature, can lead to a ‘balanced reality,’ which enables us to preserve the “ecological cycle of happiness”.

Bio Melanin Fibre Fashion