Tahsin Cetinoglu Designer Profile
Tahsin Cetinoglu is the award-winning designer of the Pike Toy.
Tahsin Cetinoglu

Tahsin is a design enthusiast who cannot avoid to form/deform the things that he sees or touches in the world that he lives in. He is a stubborn mechanical problem solver and enjoys making quick models and prototypes with diverse materials to see the fast result. He works and follows every phase of a project; from sketching to modelling, engineering to manufacturing and assembling to testing. After working nearly two decades in the design and production business for the telecommunication industry, Tahsin chose to concentrate on his own designs and start working as a freelancer. He experienced different production methods and materials over time as a designer and an engineer. He has the background for designing plastics, metal forming such as milling and bending, packaging and graphic design. He mainly worked on consumer products, consumer electronics, military products and aviation instruments. He also makes character designs for 3D animation films and illustrations for the medical industry. He loves swimming fanatically. Just like his sincere problem solving obsession, he fell in love to cross the Bosphorus once and he crossed it twice in Cross-Continental Swimming Race. He has a respect for all living things and he lets the music, art, nature and science conduct his life.

Tahsin Cetinoglu
Pike Toy