Dongguan phushen baby products.’Ltd Designer Profile
Dongguan phushen baby products.’Ltd is the award-winning designer of the Breast-feel Baby Bottle Feeding Feeling.
Dongguan phushen baby products.’Ltd

Shenshan Design is a professional design company that advocates and practices marketable design in factories. It has been 16 years now. Creativity makes better marketing Marketing-focused design is the belief of the Shenshan team, to eliminate formal design without any life meaning and commercial value. In 16 years of design service practice, the Shenshan team has always stood by the authenticity of life needs to discover the commercial innovation value of products To guide more valuable innovative designs, under the leadership of the chief designer Mr. Wu Shaoqun, he strives to practice marketable design relationships, and constantly strives to achieve more good designs that can move life. Visual, marketing, and application relationship design research Any daily necessities are returned to life. In life, it is a good way to guide the way of use or change the way of use in a positive sense. As a product incubator, designers need to balance the relationship between vision, marketing, and application. Vision is the recognition of the product. The first step is to play a vital visual cognition for marketing. The core of the marketing process lies in the recognition of value and price. Application is the consumer experience. This is also the core that determines the success of the product, so the product must be To apply to consumers and apply to life. Product development and design is not a problem that can be solved by product design, but a system problem in the development of a specific product business logic relationship, which is systematically transformed into life to develop or even discover highly adaptable products. Make good design for moving life with heart Design with heart, touch life with heart!

Breast-feel Baby Bottle Feeding Feeling