Hisham El Essawy Designer Profile
Hisham El Essawy is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Hisham El Essawy

Hisham Elessawy, M.Sc. World class Product Designer and Interior Architect - Founder of HEDS & Vice chairman of EHEC (the Egyptian Handicrafts Export Council). After graduating from the faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, El-Essawy sought to reinforce his career in Interior and Furniture Design by pursuing his study at Möbel Akademie in Berlin, where he got his diplomas in Design Intelligence, Interior and Furniture Design, and became a world class designer, mentor and lecturer. Furthermore, he followed his passion to intensify his knowledge in Design intelligence by finishing another Diploma in Creative Problem Solving at Minnesota University in the USA. El-Essawy is also holding a dual masters degree from The American University in Cairo and PLOMI in Design and Sustainability, offering green solutions for architecture, interior design and furniture design and manufacturing. As he returned back to Egypt, El-Essawy has taken it upon himself to develop the interior design and furniture industry in Egypt. He co-founded EDG (Egyptian Designers Guild), followed by DESiGNDUSTRY, and recently Cairo Designathon, the first and only design marathon in the region, as well as his own academy - HEDS Academy - to raise design leaders for next generation through professional design diplomas, mentorship, & competitions. El-Essawy who has over 20 years of experience in interior architecture and furniture design, is certified from EU as a professional interior architect and product design instructor, and has also worked as consultant for the Egyptian ministry of Industry, UNIDO, German Chamber and various furniture and design entities.