Edoardo Milesi Designer Profile
Edoardo Milesi is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Edoardo Milesi

Edoardo Milesi studied at the IUAV University of Venice and graduated in 1979 from the Polytechnic University of Milan with Franca Helg. He is an expert in the field of landscape and environmental protection, he has achieved specialization in numerous fields, including ecology in architecture, religious architecture and garden art. In 1990, he founded Archos studio, with which he carries out design activities spanning different areas and sizes, and which is characterized by consistent methods and constant research into environmental, social and construction aspects of architecture. He has always maintained that being an architect means dealing with man and his life in the complex cycles of nature. In addition to his professional practice, he constantly participates in cultural debate about contemporary architecture and is interested in disseminating and discussing his own experiments. In 2008, together with a group of artists and architects, he founded the magazine ArtApp, of which he is editor-in-chief. In 2014, he founded the cultural association Scuola Permanente dell’Abitare (Permanent School of Living).

Edoardo Milesi
Fondazione Bertarelli Concert Hall
The Inhabited Roccolo Private House
Hill House Private Residence