Thaisa Nascimento Correa Designer Profile
Thaisa Nascimento Correa is the award-winning designer of the Laguna 182 Residential Building.
Thaisa Nascimento Correa

Materializing an architecture that can inspire, set an example and positively impact this is what moves this architect. She believes that architects are capable of transforming the world through buildings, ideas and the intention that you materialize can inspire and resonate. And when we resonate with a positive idea, an innovative solution makes the difference. Something local, it becomes global. A constant observer, she believes that architecture has the power to influence the way we live and connect everything. Focused on homes and the way people live and connect with everything; in architectural design capable of facilitating and directing how people will act. “We influence how a person enters and leaves the house; how it will separate waste and use environmental resources: water, energy. How she finds and crosses with neighbors and their relationships; as well as the quality of the urban space and the uses that the person may experience from it, this positive experience will make you want to be part of the city, use the equipment, go to the shops, walk. There are countless cycles that connect to each other, in something that needs to coexist with the created space”. She always think about the legacy that each of our works will leave. What impacts they will have on the city, other buildings, architects and residents. We always want to remember that the city is also our home and the way we interact with it says a lot about us, about our values and priorities. Thus, we create buildings that, even over the years, are still contemporary, beautiful and innovative. And that still encourage coexistence, bring social awareness and awaken the best of each human being.

Laguna 182 Residential Building