Jorge Manuel Yulo Designer Profile
Jorge Manuel Yulo is the award-winning designer of the Mecha Uma Restaurant.
Jorge Manuel Yulo

In 1985, Jorge Yulo worked with the Cabrera/Barricklo Architects in New York City before seeking a graduate degree in Architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. Upon acquiring a Master of Architecture degree in 1993, he worked at the office of Leandro V. Locsin and Partners, then found Jorge Yulo Architects and Associates in 1995. Since its inception, JYAA has accumulated a few hundred projects of various types, from high rises to luxury residences. The company survived the Asian Financial crisis through fortifying the firm's interior design services which currently makes up for a sizeable amount of JYAA's portfolio. JYAA is an efficiently-sized architectural firm that offers Comprehensive Design Services from Concept/Schematic Design to construction coordination/supervision. The company is affiliated with select Technical Consulting Firms to support the offered comprehensive technical services. The firm's mode of inquiry is based on context and program. Our design process involves a continuous internalization of the client and end users through participation. We count on collaboration to arrive at an end product that will transcend the concept of shelter, the aesthetic, and financial value. We strive for an architecture that is responsible, utilizing technologies that are gentle to the environment and needs the least amount of embodied energy to source or produce. Our research and data gathering equip us in anticipating versatility of user types, changes in user behavior, and future reincarnations of structures.

Mecha Uma Restaurant