Lu Zhao Designer Profile
Lu Zhao is an award-winning designer with 21 featured award-winning projects.
Lu Zhao

Lu Zhao is a multiple award-winning Academic Designer from Dalian, Liaoning / China.

Floating Life To Help People
Colorful Cloths Information Visualization
Hexagram Experimental Fonts
Silent Sign Language Communication
Plastic Book
Space Paradox Conceptual Video
Six Great God Beast Cultural and Creative Product
100 Years Architectural Memory Book
Daily Regimen In 12 Dual Hours Physical Health Information Design
Irrational Slice Information Visualization
Impression Of The Times Memorial and Reflection
Ben Mo Xiang Sheng Graphic
Everything Under The Sun Interactive Exhibition
Elysium Arcade Motion Graphic Design
Ge Wu Zhi Heng Seal Text Design
Idea of Faith Posters
Meet Spring with Plants Icon
Shengjing Treasures Spread Chinese Traditional Culture
Vanishing Flower Information Visualization
Personality  Reshaping propaganda
Silk Road Rhythm Video