Sheila Moura Azevedo Designer Profile
Sheila Moura Azevedo is the award-winning designer of the Mindelo Detached House.
Sheila Moura Azevedo

Assumed citizen of the world, passionate about traveling and getting to know other peoples and cultures – an inspiration for her work. For 3 generations, her Portuguese family has lived around the world, from East to West. That's why she was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where she was influenced by multiculturalism, colors, good music and the joy of living intensely. Design has been in the family and at home since birth and, as such, she naturally learned to search for the balance of colors, textures and volumes, developed a taste for drawing and grew up wanting to design houses. In Portugal, she attended the Soares dos Reis Artistic School in Porto, then took her degree at ESAD in Matosinhos in the area of ​​Interior Design and Furniture. She graduated in 2002, while already working at an engineering and architecture studio in the same city. She founded her own company with her husband in 2006. She never stopped studying and the various topics that are the subject of different courses that she took, contribute daily to her performance as a businesswoman and creative director of her atelier ShiStudio. Accounting and management, NLP, Coaching, Psychology… and many are the readings in which she invests her time beyond work and family: Art, History, Philosophy… The central theme of her interests has always been the same: the Human Being and the individual and social behavior. This gives her the best tool for her work: the ability to interpret the individual and the family that will inhabit the space she designs. She currently directs a multidisciplinary team of 15 people, and her projects are spread all over the country and several places in the world.

Mindelo Detached House