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Peng Architects Inc. is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Peng Architects Inc.

Peng Architects was founded in 2010, Chicago with offices in Shanghai, Taipei and Brunei, gathered various group of creative talent and profession, operating within design related architecture, planning, research and development. The office has involved numerous projects spread to North America, Asia, South Asia and Middle-East. We believe all matter are connected and against in the nature, and ultimately able to achieve a dynamic equilibrium exists. Similarly, the process of forming cities and buildings is subject to different external forces impact. These effects may vary with time and place and change, including economic, social, cultural, local climate, government, developers, or other aspects of the conditions and limitations. These forces need to complete analyzed, and not in a positive or negative to be treated. With its own characteristics play to achieve balanced integration of state and nature reflected, morphology and thus also generated (Phase from the heart). Face of the urban and architecture, should not be a single screening results, but complementary and diverse.

NamKwong Diehu Center Complex
Aurotek Technology Factory
Doe O-Mega Urban Complex Building