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Yan Yan is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Yan Yan

Yan Yan is a highly accomplished interdisciplinary designer, focusing her work on critiquing and interpreting the social landscape through the creation of artifacts and narratives infused with critical thinking. For Yan, design is a tool for exploring the truth about the world and the internal universe. Her approach involves pushing experimental boundaries and imagining fictional scenarios that speak to contemporary social behavior. Yan's works encourage viewers to reflect on their personal experiences through a systematic and hypothetical lens. Yan earned her MFA in design from the California College of the Arts and currently works as a Product Designer at Captiv8. Her projects have garnered several accolades, including the Gold Award from the Indigo Design Competition, the Silver Award from the Novum Design Competition, and the A' Design Award. Her innovative works have been prominently featured in exhibitions worldwide, such as at the esteemed London Artill Gallery, Museum of Outstanding Design, 40 x 40 Exhibition and the Rome International Art Fair, etc. Yan's accomplishments have led to interviews with prestigious media outlets such as Beijing Joy FM Radio, ITSLIQUID, and the China Science and Technology News Network, etc. Meanwhile, she has had the privilege of adjudicating as a juror for esteemed events including the apexart Open Call, the 2024 New York City Scholastic Awards and Illinois Student Invention Convention.

Yan Yan
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