Zhejiang Ecowin Network Technology Designer Profile
Zhejiang Ecowin Network Technology is the award-winning designer of the Babies Complementary Food Pans Suite.
Zhejiang Ecowin Network Technology

The Cuniston brand belongs to Zhejiang Ecowin Network Technology Co., Ltd. Built-in 2014, the company is located in Sanhuajianghong International Creative Park in Binjiang District, Hangzhou. It owns brands such as Ecowin, Cuniston, Sppinbear, etc. With a registered capital of 10 million RMB, it is now a core merchant on the Internet platform KA and makes its presence in various shops and supermarkets such as Yintai. The company has its professional team of designers and products in collaboration with overseas excellent designers. Ecowin specializes in producing woks, stockpots, milk pans and maternal and infant kitchenware of different specifications, and is mainly engaged in kitchenware, molds, maternal and infant kitchenware, miscellaneous hardware (excluding measuring instruments), manufacturing, processing, sales, import and export of goods and technology. It has built the second most advanced CAA line, which is more advanced and practical than the first line of the same kind. Its coating lines are designed, manufactured and installed by experienced domestic equipment manufacturers, and are designed according to the TSD(Technical Standards Document) of DuPont, meeting the technological requirements on medium and high-end coatings of Dupont, Weilburger and Whitford. The company’s output value reaches 1 billion RMB.

Babies Complementary Food Pans Suite