Dangbei Network Technology Designer Profile
Dangbei Network Technology is the award-winning designer of the Z1 Pro Smart Box.
Dangbei Network Technology

Hangzhou Dangbei Network Technology Co., Ltd. founded in August 2013, is one of the well-known value-added service providers of smart large screen in China. It is a large screen Internet platform company focusing on the field of smart large screen in China and spanning the whole ecosystem of software, hardware and system. The company has a domestic well-known large screen application distribution platform dangbei market. At the same time, the company has independently developed and operated many high-quality large screen applications such as dangbei film and television, dangbei cool dog music, dangbei education, dangbei fitness, dangbei desktop, etc., which occupy an important position in the core technology and market share of the industry. Since 2019, the company has successively released large screen hardware products such as dangbei intelligent projection and dangbei TV box, and established a series of product system covering middle and high-end multi-level users. So far, the total business coverage of dangbei has exceeded 200 million home users.

Z1 Pro Smart Box