Riiid Inc. Designer Profile
Riiid Inc. is the award-winning designer of the R Gate Emblem Corporate Identity.
Riiid Inc.

Riiid is a global leader in AI solutions for education, backed by more than $70 million (USD) in funding. The company is driving a paradigm shift in education with technology that personalizes instruction for all students, with the aim of democratizing quality education anywhere in the world. Riiid launched its first AI tutor solution based on deep learning algorithms in 2017, quickly rising to number one in education app sales in Korea and Japan with more than two million users. The app, called Santa, uses AI to help students prepare for the English language competency exam TOEIC. As a leading force in AI technology, Riiid has published research papers at top AI conferences including NeurIPS and CSEDU. The company has applied for more than 94 patents, 26 of which are registered. In 2020, Riiid established Riiid Labs, the company’s global arm based in Silicon Valley, California, to expand its business across the U.S., South America, Middle East, and beyond. Riiid also offers Santa for SAT, Santa Realtor to prepare real estate agents for certification and provides its proprietary AI tutor module as a B2B solution to enterprises.

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