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EgoHouse Architects is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
EgoHouse Architects

EgoHouse is an architectural studio where real professionals work: designers, architects, constructors and builders. An integrated approach allows them to take into account all possible subtleties, nuances and details of the object. The studio always closely follows the latest innovations in the world of design and construction, technologies and materials. Changes in these areas are part of a dynamic creative process, so they require constant attention. Each of the specialists is deeply in love with modern minimalist design, but when it comes to realisation they keep heads cool double-checking dreams in practice. The development of a new design project is often a search for a compromise between creativity and reality: balancing between fantasy, technological capabilities and budget limits. Taking into account all these hundreds of “buts” and implementing an extraordinary idea is a challenge. And they love these challenges! Together they strive to expand both space and imagination: seeing the result of your labors is the greatest reward for this studio.

Unit City Office
FA House Residential Apartment
X House Residential Building