Martini Rus Ltd Designer Profile
Martini Rus Ltd is the award-winning designer of the Lucylle Landscape Lamp.
Martini Rus Ltd

The MARTINI RUS company is a manufacturer of professional lighting equipment in Russia. MARTINI RUS was founded by the leading Italian lighting company MARTINI S.p.A. Since the end of the 20th century, MARTINI S.p.A began to work in the Russian Federation, offering its customers not only high-quality lighting equipment, but also professional lighting solutions. Employees of the company believe that artificial lighting improves the quality of life, generates positive emotions and creates a mood. The role of light is becoming increasingly important both in business and in people's lives. Mission is to delight each client with the created lighting solution, using our own long-term experience in developing lighting projects and producing high-quality lighting equipment. Goal is to become a leading full-service company and an example in the field of architectural, landscape and interior professional lighting to fully meet the needs of our customers.

Lucylle Landscape Lamp