Khoo Siew May & Jay Septimo Designer Profile
Khoo Siew May & Jay Septimo is the award-winning designer of the One More Time Short Film.
Khoo Siew May & Jay Septimo

Khoo Siew May is an illustrator and animator. Jay Septimo is an animation director and animator. Both started out as motion graphics artists in the broadcast industry and have a combined experience of 14 years. With the advancement of technology, it has grown increasingly sophisticated, that nowadays, advertisements are no longer confined to only televisions. Thus, both artists are also now a creator of creative content for all sorts of digital experiences. Since going independent, it has opened up the doors for the international market for both Siew May and Jay, where they get to forge friendships and work on cool projects from around the globe. Their combined achievements include the Vimeo Staff Pick award, Motion Design Award, and being featured on several high-profile platforms such as STASH Media, Booooooom, and Motionographer. Their experience working in multitudes of commercial projects, big and small, has revealed to them the power of advertisements and creativity, as well as the impact it gives on society. Now as independent creatives, they balance their time between commercial and social-related projects, where they lend their skills and experiences to the voiceless, to shine the limelight on them to tell their stories.

One More Time Short Film