Claudio Larcher Designer Profile
Claudio Larcher is the award-winning designer of the Designing a Spoon to Change the City Book.
Claudio Larcher

Born in Milan, he graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. He moved to Barcelona and Madrid, working and collaborating with several spanish architectural firms. Back in Italy he founds Modoloco Design Workshop, an experimental project built as open space for work and research, combining different visions and methodologies in design and architecture perspective. Creativity is the word that can define his approach toward base of all the things that it does, it is a constant necessity, which pushes him to imagine and create new projects every day; since 2010 also in the field of social utility, where architecture and design can be put at the service of the communities also on an international scale. He has edited and participated in various exhibitions in Italy, Japan, Spain, France, England and Sweden. In 2017, 2018 and 2019 he is “Ambasciatore del Design italiano” for Swisse, Albany and Uruguay. Claudio Larcher is currently Director of the design bachelor and master degree at NABA in Milan, and also he has been teaching at Italian and foreign universities. He worked with: Danese Milano, Prandina, Slalom Acoustic, RF Yamakawa, Sphaus, Dinos, Celda, Muranodue, International view, Clique Editions, Frisoli

Designing a Spoon to Change the City Book