SUIADR Designer Profile
SUIADR is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.

Founded in 1984, the Institute is one of national class-A design institutes approved by Ministry of Construction. It has 3 branches: Shanghai Branch, Xi’an Branch and SDY Architectural Technology Research Co., Ltd. (SDYATR). It delivers various design services ranging from architectural engineering, urban planning, residential planning, drawing review to interior design, landscape design, etc. Its projects have been put into use in a dozen large- and middle-scale cities. SUIADR is a well-know design institute in China. Zhong Zhong Mr. Zhong is the professor and master tutor of College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Shenzhen University. He is the deputy chief architect of the Institute of Architectural Design and Research, Shenzhen University, and the founder of Z&Z Studio, and has the title of “Class 1 Registered Architect”. He won the accolade of Top 10 Young Architect conveyed by Shenzhen Exploration & Design Association in 2011, and was granted Young Architect Award by Architectural Society of China in 2013. Besides, he was awarded as “Innovative Star” in 2020 and “Academic Star” in 2021 by Shenzhen Civil Engineering and Architecture Society. His architectural works covers over 20 cities in China. He has led and participated in more than 100 significant national, provincial and municipal projects, and won over 10 international awards such as 2021 A' Design Award (Bronze) and over 70 Chinese awards.

Songpingshan Fire Station
Longdong Fire Station
Shenzhen Social  Welfare Center
Tian Liao Fire Station