Andrea Agazzini Designer Profile
Andrea Agazzini is the award-winning designer of the Enduro2 Electric MotoBike.
Andrea Agazzini

Agazzini Andrea is a person with a very multifaceted character, he has many interests regarding tamatics which are also different from each other, he loves outdoor sports but also reading and informing himself, he likes music and technical drawing, but also social contact and argumentation of new ideas In his life she tries to pursue his passions and turn them into his work. In these 35 years of life he has studied and worked in very different environments, but the common denominator that is carrying on his existence is the passion for the aspect of preserving the environment, whether it be in the search for a more frugal life, but also of a job that is combined in balance between personal satisfaction and the careful use of resources.

Andrea Agazzini
Enduro2 Electric MotoBike