The Eagle Designer Profile
The Eagle is the award-winning designer of the The Eagle Mountain Top Restaurant.
The Eagle

Bernhard Viereck is an internationally experienced Architect working and living many years in Singapore delivering high profile, large scale projects around South East Asia. Projects currently under construction are the Phnom Penh Global Tech Exchange and Phnom Penh Chip Mong Tower. One of Bernhard´s most important works while working with Aedas Architects, is the Unilever Headquarters in Jakarta which was completed in 2016. Since 2017 Bernhard is back in Austria where he joined forces with his sister and father to bring their family run Architecture Practice Viereck Architects to the next level. Most recent completed project is "The Eagle", a Mountain Top Restaurant amidst the Austrian alps built at 2000 meters above sea level. Check out their latest work here:

The Eagle Mountain Top Restaurant