YHDQ Design Designer Profile
YHDQ Design is an award-winning designer with 8 featured award-winning projects.
YHDQ Design

YHDQ Design, an art-driven interior design company focuses on space decoration for sales centers, showrooms, hotels and clubs.With professional, in-depth and comprehensive service attitude, we provide customers with overall project design and management services. The specific business includes space decoration design, art customized production, procurement and promotion. In the future, we will establish branches in more cities to closely serve customers, explore the artistic assets that can be applied in different cities in space, promote the flow of “space art assets”, and become a pioneer in the field of space art.

The Grand Canal Real Estate Sales Center
Guangxi Poly Guanjiangyushu Residence
Clouds By The River Real Estate Sales Center
Logan TianLangWan Real Estate Sales Center
Changzhou Yango Chenyue  Sales Center
Vanke Yantai Chang An Sales Center for Real Estate
Noble Status Sales Center for Real Estate
Newhope D10 B6 showflat