Mauro Chiarella and Veizaga-Gronda team Designer Profile
Mauro Chiarella and Veizaga-Gronda team is the award-winning designer of the Flexo InForm Assembly Pavilion.
Mauro Chiarella and Veizaga-Gronda team

Doctor Architect Mauro Chiarella is a Researcher; Full Professor and the creator of the Representation and Ideation Laboratory (RI.LAB). His lines of research explore innovation in ephemeral architecture and industrial design through the study of ideation processes from new digital technologies. The research and works developed have been published and cited in indexed scientific journals, receiving international awards and distinctions. RI.LAB studies the current cultural and instrumental conditions of the contemporary subject where creativity is expanded in a process of exchange and interaction through collective authorship; digital databases and algorithmic interfaces generating multiplicities and mixtures both in their procedures and in their results.

Mauro Chiarella and Veizaga-Gronda team
Flexo InForm Assembly Pavilion