Katalin-Brigitta Csíki Designer Profile
Katalin-Brigitta Csíki is the award-winning designer of the Mubic Modular Table.
Katalin-Brigitta Csíki

Katalin Csíki is a passionate designer, an idea person who loves creating things and giving solutions in all kind of situations. She is a very precise person and attentive to details. She cannot finish a work until she feels that everything is how it has to be. She likes to be entirely in a project, analysing the space and communicating with the clients. She offers complete design, focusing on functionality and visual aesthetics using her professional experience and creativity. She finished Master's in Industrial Design at the University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca, Romania with a 6 months internship of Architecture and Interior Design in Spain. While studying she worked for Valentina Folli, the Art Director of Nemo Lighting in Milan, Italy. After the University she gained experience by working as a Furniture Designer and as an Industrial Designer where she was responsible for creating 3D objects for such as important projects as: Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi, UAE. These experiences helped her to establish Studio11.

Katalin-Brigitta Csíki
Mubic Modular Table