Shenzhen Zerfang Space Design Co. Designer Profile
Shenzhen Zerfang Space Design Co. is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Shenzhen Zerfang Space Design Co.

Kewei Wang graduated from the Department of Environmental Art in 2005 and have worked for 13 years for famous domestic real estate companies. He believes that space design is a kind of design of life, and should be integrated with the social environment, so he have been inspired by life, enriching its various aspects, and creating a fashionable lifestyle through the creation of colors, lighting, and home layout. Design should be in dialogue with the social environment and with people. He never get tired of designing with details and materials, and he pursue the realm of innovation. He let my inspiration flow freely and create a space that my heart desires.

Flowing Oriental Sales Office
Romance Life Showroom