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Mengyu Cao is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Mengyu Cao

Mengyu Cao, the founder of Yiqi Hanzi, started to create character drawings as an interest in Chinese cultures and characters. As a Chinese herself, living in a foreign country, she wants to have a closer relationship with her inheritance. She has a design background. When she decided to go for a designer as a career rather than an artist, she knew that design is more than express oneself, it is a tool to make the world an easier and better place. It is a tool to help people. At the beginning of her design journey, she learned a lot of Chinese traditional culture. She was taught to have the mission to deliver valuable Chinese traditional cultures to the modern world, to enhance and spread it to the nation and the world. When she had an opportunity to explore her interest in her career. She dived into Chinese cultures and found out there weren’t many creative creations around Chinese calligraphy compare to English lettering. She can design and to draw, so she started to explore more possibilities of the traditional assets, Chinese characters. After a few years of posting her work on social media, it was said by a lot of Chinese language learners that her Chinese creative drawing & typography helps them to learn and memorize Chinese characters rapidly. The mission of Yiqi Hanzi is to deliver the beauty of Chinese characters and cultures to the word.

Mengyu Cao
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