Elise Eekhout Designer Profile
Elise Eekhout is the award-winning designer of the Continuous Line Illustrations .
Elise Eekhout

Before entering the artworld, Elise Eekhout has been a successful graphic designer for over 20 years. Visualizing is her second nature. Letters and texts have always been a source of inspiration and wonder for her. That is why Elise started as a graphic designer. But now, as an artist, she combines this fascination with the images she creates in her artworks. Graphic design, illustration, art. Each is meant to tell a story to the audience: graphic design is used to communicate a message in a very clear way and illustrations are used to support that message. But with her art, Eekhout likes to tell an unfinished story with enough room for you to use your own imagination.

Elise Eekhout
Continuous Line  Illustrations