Vishal Jadhav Designer Profile
Vishal Jadhav is the award-winning designer of the Intelehealth Mobile Web Application.
Vishal Jadhav

As a Design Thinker, I believe STRATEGIC DESIGN can transform brands, businesses, & society in a unique way. Two decades of experience in human-centered research & strategic design for brands, businesses & products/services, my ability to empathize with the businesses & customers at the same time, sets me apart. I love to collaborate with businesses & people, to talk about their next big dreams. I research, explore and strategize the design solutions to solve the complex problems in the simplest way. I have worked on several B2B, B2C & Enterprise applications for UX Research, Architecture, Visual Design, Branding & Strategy projects for different sizes of companies. Having a commerce background, I am a self-taught design practitioner, started my journey with passion from practice to theory. I see the design as a mindset and sophisticated method of problem-solving & communication that beautifully connects people together.

Intelehealth Mobile Web Application