Sergio Sesmero Designer Profile
Sergio Sesmero is the award-winning designer of the Memoria Chair.
Sergio Sesmero

Sergio Sesmero was born in 1997 in Madrid, Spain. He studied Product Design at ESNE School of Design and Innovation, in Madrid. Experience, abstraction, philosophy and society have guided his designs in the different fields in which he has worked. Sergio establishes with his products the possibility of a dialogue between theory and praxis, between knowing and doing in the field of artistic activity and design. With a special interest in avant-garde design, Sergio Sesmero presents himself as a person who is not afraid to experiment through the dialectic between opposites and taking design to extremes, until he finds a synthesis of concepts. He has worked in different fields (design, production and commerce) that have influenced his approach to projects, collaborating on projects in various sectors such as furniture, automotive, consumer electronics, fashion and accessories. He has won several awards in recognition of his designs such as a Red Dot Award (2019) and a SIT Furniture Design Award (2020), as well as honorable mentions in Producto Fresco (2020) or IDA Design Award (2020). He is currently working on the creation of his own studio together with partners from different disciplines, which will be focused on fashion design and product design, in order to find a nexus of union and a discourse in which both are combined, through the study and reinterpretation of the codes that make up our reality.

Memoria Chair