Rodrigo Erthal Designer Profile
Rodrigo Erthal is the award-winning designer of the Vague Stool.
Rodrigo Erthal

Rodrigo Erthal is a designer from Rio de Janeiro, with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design (B.I.D.) from PUC-RJ (class of 2001) Furniture is not only where his biggest professional accomplishments are, but also his personal expressiveness. His signature is deconstructing run-of-the-mill standards of any kind of product, coming up with alternatives so as to always seek the best possible experience. Erthal has come a long way from his inception as an industrial designer: his time at powerhouse companies such as Índio da Costa and Fahrer - where he was lead designer and team re-brander - have helped him fine tune his skills and further develop them. He currently spends his time working on his own product line which couples contemporary minimalism with conscious use of raw material as its main feature.

Rodrigo Erthal
Vague Stool