Humberto Garcia Designer Profile
Humberto Garcia is the award-winning designer of the Cascahuin Tequila.
Humberto Garcia

I am Humberto Garcia well known as Vanhuten, a graphic designer, art director. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineer at the University of Guadalajara, but always wanted to explore arts and culture that’s why I began my journey in Barcelona where I studyied a Master in Graphic Design. I collaborate with different companies ans studios all over the world to help them materialize their ideas. My work is clean, clear and universal. I believe in everlast ingness of things, that’s why I look for atemporal creations. As designers we create the metamorphosis of concepts into material, and finally, we give them identity, we make them exist. The typographic essentialism. Thoughts are expressed by words, and words in design conceive typography. My typographical orientation and editorial experience give me a unique ability to use type, to design ideas. Guided by my values and the Modernist heritage, I construct individual art with a social function.

Cascahuin Tequila