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Guangzhou Cheung Ying Design Co., Ltd. is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Guangzhou Cheung Ying Design Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Cheung Ying Design Co.,Ltd. is a professional organization offering comprehensive and creative designs. It focuses on personalized brand experience and imbeds design thinking into various fields, which is to provide accurate and effective design language and visual solutions for brand establishment and application communication. They have no fixed model, no fixed style, and no fixed boundaries, their unique, flexible and smart model affects their design thinking and project operations. Through the integration capability of multi-dimensional excavation of the brand's unique DNA, They create a brand that resonates with people while allowing the brand to have sustainable competitiveness in a diversified market.

Rosa Roxburghii  Tea Packaging
Hocan Healthy Corporate Identity
LEZAI Dental Clinic Logo and Brand Identity
Cilly Beverage
Rely on Hydrogen Corporate Identity
ZhenYue Logo and Brand Identity