SZ MATT Lighting Design Co., Ltd Designer Profile
SZ MATT Lighting Design Co., Ltd is the award-winning designer of the Vanke Cloud City Complex Building.
SZ MATT Lighting Design Co., Ltd

Established in 2014, Shenzhen MATT Lighting Design & Consulting CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "MTLD") is a professional company that provides lighting design and consulting services. Its scope of business mainly includes lighting design solutions for building exteriors, interiors, landscape and urban planning, as well as design of lighting art installations and products. With the passion and pursuit of lighting design, MTLD has completed many representative works in real estate and cultural tourism fields through continuous exploration and innovation. The company has unique insights in the art of light expression and perception of culture. In design practices, MTLD thinks and cares about living environment and user feelings, and strives to strengthen the expression of lighting, with a view to creating fascinating, rich and immersive experiences. In the future, the company will be service-oriented, pay more attention to cross-border thinking, combine art and technology, feeling and experiences, business and operation, and continue to explore more design works from multi-directional, multi-angle and multi-level perspectives.

Vanke Cloud City Complex Building