Radhika Dhumal Designer Profile
Radhika Dhumal is the award-winning designer of the Elytra Space Saver Coffee Table.
Radhika Dhumal

I, Radhika Dhumal, am a young designer with a heart filled with enthusiasm and hope to make our world a better place. As a furniture and Interior designer, I believe that I have the superpower to create a better environment. The determination filled in me defines my strong will to contribute as a designer. Having won a few awards, it made me realise that my designs can reach all my fellow humans all around the world. My intuitive nature inspired designs aim to spread a connection between nature and man. I strongly believe that form and function go hand in hand and the design as a whole has an impact on our emotions. Spreading happiness all around the world is my ultimate aim and if my design brought a smile to your face or a positive vibe in your heart, make sure you do the same in your way! I await the day we all unite as one society without any barriers communicate through the language of love and design!

Elytra Space Saver Coffee Table