Margarita Prysiazhniuk Designer Profile
Margarita Prysiazhniuk is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Margarita Prysiazhniuk

Margarita Prykhodko is the founder and designer of London-based Sybarite Jewellery. Sybarite goes a step beyond perfection - crafting kinetic pieces and combining traditional techniques with unique designs.Margarita personally develops the designs, inventing unique technology that breaks the boundaries of conventional jewellery craftsmanship. Margarita is credited with successfully combining haute jewellery with kinetics, a pioneering trend of the 20th century. Using her skills as both an architect and engineer, Margarita redefined traditional jewellery design from the very beginnings of Sybarite, by creating her first spinning rings - Merry-Go-Round, Dancing Doll, and Ballerina, widely known as the Dancing Rings. These preeminent rings were globally recognised as exemplary designs, changing what it means to create haute jewellery and attracting the attention of world-leading magazines and accomplished sales within Sybarite's discerning clientele.

Margarita Prysiazhniuk