Fatemeh Salehi Amiri Designer Profile
Fatemeh Salehi Amiri is the award-winning designer of the Ice Cave Presales Office.
Fatemeh Salehi Amiri

Fatemeh Amiri received her bachelor’s degree in both architecture and civil engineering at IAU and USC in Iran. In 2017, she obtained her master’s in architecture at the University of Science and Research in Iran. She has just completed her Masters in Advanced Studies in Architecture and Digital Fabrication at the ETH Zurich, 2019-2020. In parallel to her studies, Fatemeh began her professional career at design and construction firms, Ahaab Co. There she trained her design and project management skills both in structure and architecture. As her interest in furthering her knowledge in computational Architecture topics grew, she participated in a series of courses and workshops focus on digital design topics. This learning brought her, in 2017, to establish a company Sizan, specialized 2017 in Tehran, Iran in partnership with Omid Amini.

Fatemeh Salehi Amiri