SURFACE R Designer Profile
SURFACE R is the award-winning designer of the Laidback Glam Residential House.

Established in year 2008, Surface R is a Malaysia based interior design firm that has grown strength to strength under the leadership of founder, Stanley Leong and principal designer, Sam Leong. Complete head to toe residential design for gorgeous clients is our ultimate joy. From exterior to interior, bathroom plans, down to the furniture and furnishings, every inspired detail is caringly resoled and realized to deliver a home that is true to our clients and one they love. “Timeless & Proportion” is the key to success, and in Surface R, we believe that having a true passion to make great designs is the only path to satisfy everyone we come across. Every single piece made by our brand is well designed, made in-house, under continues supervision to deliver a perfect form of our vision in developing a modern prestigious lifestyle. With that, every single piece made by Surface R is the absolute balance between true lifestyle, quality, luxury and modernity.

Laidback Glam Residential House