Shivang Vaishnav Designer Profile
Shivang Vaishnav is the award-winning designer of the Capsule TV Remote for OTT Platforms.
Shivang Vaishnav

Shivang likes to wear many hats. He likes to get out of the mindset of having one definition or one process for everything. He is passionate about the human aspects of things. He likes to take things “personally” and believes that you can make the most out of things if you put your character and values into it. This does not mean that you impose yourself on the user, it means that you become the user but without completely forgetting who you are. He believes that the design process should be organic and contextual like the outcome itself. Personally, he gives as much importance to the “play” in the process as the steps of the process itself.

Capsule TV Remote for OTT Platforms