Asya Demidova Designer Profile
Asya Demidova is the award-winning designer of the Same But Different Tangible Smell.
Asya Demidova

Asya Demidova is an art director whose practice is based on a multidisciplinary integrated design approach focusing on branding and creative direction. Her design practice is profoundly based on strategic thinking and creation of conceptual solutions. Asya's methodical approach stands for a detailed understanding of the brand's essence and the development of bold visual solutions, and the alignment of the brand's purpose through storytelling. She loves to build flexible visual systems, being playful with text, stay visually experimental. In her works, she is adherent to implement technologies and different mediums to create an engaging experience. She combines the physical and digital worlds, experimenting with 3D, AR, animation, and exploring visual communication edges.

Asya Demidova
Same But Different Tangible Smell