Ivie China Designer Profile
Ivie China is the award-winning designer of the The Pompadour Packaging.
Ivie China

Ivie China Authentic. Innovative. Rebellious. At Ivie China, we believe in doing things a little differently. Rather than push commercial ideas to the masses, we help you make meaningful connections through brand strategy and design communication that truly speak to your customers. Discover services that come with deep consumer understanding, offering strategic and holistic solutions that bridge the present, and the future. As an independent creative design agency, Ivie has proven expertise in brand creation, packaging design and consumer engagement in both Offline and Online channels. We are a brand and design specialist offering end-to-end services covering the entire process of branding and packaging. Serving some of the top global brands, Ivie China has won multiple awards from leading and renowned design competitions around the world, such as The Pentawards, World Brand Design Society Awards, PAC Global Awards, MUSE Design Awards, Good Design® Awards.

The Pompadour Packaging