Ruba Wafa Tarazi Designer Profile
Ruba Wafa Tarazi is the award-winning designer of the Academy Offices.
Ruba Wafa Tarazi

With over twenty years of experience, Architect Ruba Tarazi creates distinctive architectural compositions that complement their surroundings. Tarazi received her Bachelors degree in Architectural and Building Sciences from Jordan University of Science and Technology. She began her career path at the offices of renowned architect George Hakim, and later she worked with Haddad as a partner before founding her own firm. During those years before she set off on her own, she specialized in design, precision detailing and honed her talents through her work, on commercial, industrial and residential projects. Tarazi’s background plays an integral part in her love of nature and all things natural, as a painter, her passion for art nurtures her eye for beauty and attention to the finest details, giving her creations signature touch.

Ruba Wafa Tarazi
Academy Offices