Giulia Liverani Designer Profile
Giulia Liverani is the award-winning designer of the Stoccolma Flexible Lamp.
Giulia Liverani

Giulia's design process starts from light and emotions more than shape and colors. She's driven by the belief that lighting design is not just about light up a space but rather a way of furnishing, creating astonishment, magic and beauty. Those three themes are the foundations of her way to think light and the fittings that shapes it. OliveLab is a Startup based in 2017 in Turin, Italy. A small group of guys aiming to produce a new generation of lighting products. Attracted by innovations, materials and new technologies, OliveLab Team sees light as one of the most important resources of our life. The poetic but functional aspect of lighting takes OliveLab to design new projects and fittings focused on the true needs of the final consumer. Putting together creativity, ideas and experiences those guys apply the same rigorous attention to context, process, material quality and detail to all their creations.

Stoccolma Flexible Lamp